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Ok so I just got my FEC-100 a week ago and this past weekend was the first KCBS contest and Im really happy with how I did. 33 out of 55 teams did pretty good on chicken and brisket but not so well with ribs and butt. So my first question is I added 4 racks of ribs to the big meats on sat morning and they ended up not getting done enough. Flavor and appearance were good but I kinda wondering what I could do different in the future? My original plan was to cook them at 225 but my fire went out early sat morn so I had to get it going again and bumped up my temp to 250 to make up lost time. So if cooking at 225 how long and foil or no foil? St louis style and this would be for comp. I do need practice with ribs on this thing as I have a big 30 rack cooking in Oct.
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Originally posted by beansberry:
so no foil? and they turn out nice and tender? Thats hard part for me to figure out.

I'm a sinner, for I'm a foiler for comps.... Smiler

It takes a lot of practice, close attention to details ie. weight of ribs, kind of ribs, and most of all weather conditions.

No way I'm foiling 30 racks though. Eeker
Originally posted by beansberry:
Ok thats what everything Ive read says time and temp wise. So thats what Ill do. And Ill try the toothpick test from now on. So right now Ive got 2 racks in the rib racks for some practice. I suppose 30 racks vs 2 would provide much more moisture, do anyone spritz the racks or a small pan of water?


Yes, I spritz a few times, have heard of a few folks using a pan of water.

I too like to cook ribs at 275*, sometimes they look decent. Wink

nice turn in Cal! Being that I just finished my first comp. Now Im testing out the rib racks and tonight was a test with 2 racks and man I wish I would have done my racks like this I would have scored way better. But I noticed that the ends do get a lil darker then the rest of the rack. I did spin the rib rack 180 at the half way mark.
In comps i cook 3-4 racks of ribs... all on one shelf... nothing dripping on them...

Now... doing it this way will cause the end ribs to burn a bit... but you aren't turning those in anyway...

I prefer to cook two racks one in front one in back to avoid the hot spots of the airflow immediately in front of and to the back of the pit... however cooking 4 racks of ribs would have two above the other two and thus dripping... so... What you can do.... is cook two racks of ribs on one rack... put a rack with a sheet of foil protecting those ribs above it then cook the other two racks on the shelf above the foil...

All in all that was too complicated... so I stuck with 3-4 racks all on one shelf... BUT... when I foil I have been known to rotate the ribs based on doneness and hottest spots of the pit on a given shelf... YMMV.


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