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Well I did 2 brisket's last night and they came out okay for a first time with a new unit. I had a flat and a small packer that weight about 7lbs each. I seasoned them up and placed in the 2nd and 3rd rack from the bottom and hit the preset. 12 hours later the one on the bottom came out a bit dry and had an had an overcooked area on the bottom. My guess (please chime in!) to fix this would be to flip it fat side down next time around like you do for the bottom rack on a full load. I thought that if I had it on the second from the bottom rack that would be okay. I trimmed off the dried out areas and sliced it up. The wife and I had some tonight for dinner and she loved it! I may do a light braise with some seasoned beef stock with the leftovers tomorrow. I have a few more packers in the fridge and I'm thinking for doing a light trim and tossing them in for another try. These are about 12-14 lbs each. Any input would be great.

Thanks for all your advice!


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The brisket preset option will produce 225o for 12 hrs. Perhaps it was too much time for your 7 lb briskets. I'd suggest using the time/temp options next time. Test them for resistance at the 190o internal temp point.

Injecting the meat several hrs prior to smoking will help maintain internal moisture. There are several excellent commercial products out there. My preference is Butcher BBQ Brisket Injection.You could slso use a homespun mixture of beef broth and Worcestershire in the 8:1 ratio.

Rib Dog's suggestion of cooking fat side down is spot on. Let us know how the next smoke turns out.

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