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I think this it pretty much 'on topic'... I tend to tie up almost everything I smoke to make as compact, and uniform a package that I can get. I don't like having straggly hunks of meat cooking quicker than the main mass of it. So, tying it all up seems to help. Anybody else do that?

Heck, I've got 5,000 feet of the stuff, I've got to use it on something!!
I hate the thought of curling up a brisket to get it to fit. So I set mine in on a diagonal, lift up the center a little so it clears the door, then I close the door quickly. This cram-and-slam method may seem crude, but the brisket shrinks during the cook and even 14+ pounders wind up fitting perfectly without touching the sides after a few hours. And you don't wind up with a brisket that's curled.
I'm definitly not a Brisket expert, I'll defer to others on here.

The fold method worked for me, but I respect other options.

The toughest part up here in Maine in getting quality brisket. Very difficult to come by.

Wally World occassionaly has choice. But that's about it.
I am not an expert YET ( but am seriously trying Wink ) I have done two beef briskets ( 12 lb and 14 lb) and I folded the end so it would fit in my smoker ( 08) and they BOTH truned out AWESOME! Very tender and very juicy!!! I got more raves on the brisket than the pork! GO FIGURE!!!!!!
i have done both fold under and separating methods and prefer the separating. when separating, i don't try to follow the fat between the point and the flat. i just lay the packer down and visually look where it gets thicker and cut straight down. i would say the flat is 2/3 and point 1/3. i put the packer on the bottom fat down and the flat above it fat side up. in my ST, i can put 2 points on the bottom shelf. the 2 flats each go on their own shelf above the points.

when removing, the flat will usually have some of the point connected to it still. i just cut along the separating fat.

works great and both pieces are moist.
There are reasons why a comp cook may divide point from flat,before cooking.

I'd suggest cooking them together for our use.

Divide the point away,after the flat is done.

Wrap the flat in foil with a half cup of beef stock and a couple TBSP of red sauce.

Throw the point back in for another 3+ hrs,until 210º,or so

Just my $0.02

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