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Whaaaat Uppppp? Smoking my first packer brisket in my new AQ.Here's the particulars: Untrimmed COV 14.46 lb. packer brisket. Trimmed as per Smokin's 101, maybe a little more but not much. Left the fat cap on and down in smoker.Did not weigh after trimming, but I figure maybe lost a couple of pounds.Rubbed with John Henry's Brisket rub, but first applied a liberal amount of worchestichire sauce (I know I got it wrong). I did not do anything to the fat cap. Put in the frig. for 3 hrs. then a second heavy rub and into the smoker at 46*(meat temp.)Outside the cookshack was 76*. I used 4.1 ozs. of Hickory in three pcs. I placed one of my Mav 732 probes into the flat horizontally in what I felt was a thinner part of the flat. The other probe I placed right near the stock smoker temp. probe as I want to check for temp. accuracy of the AQ probe. The Mav has previously been checked as being right on.I placed the AQ meat probe into the point, since it should finish after the flat as per this forum (I'm a newbie). I set the smoker temp. at 235* and the flat internal meat probe at 195*(I want to pull the flat). I will check for doneness at 188-190*, does this sound about right? I will do the toothpick method on the flat in a few diff. places on the flat.When it passes with NO resistance I will take out and remove the point as I want to make burnt ends.I will then add a little dark brown sugar and more rub to the point and return to the smoker for another 2-21/2 hrs.Please anyone tell me if there is anything else I can do or change. Much appreciated, or if there is something else you need to know. It went in at 10:00 pm. I layed the point over onto part of the flat in the smoker. Thanks qer's, peace out!!!! "Q" Big Grin Cool
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Wait till 195° to check for tenderness, it should just start getting tender at 195°, usually take mine to 200° or 205° depending on how tough Ol' Bessy was.

For burnt ends, when I separate the point and the flat, I cube the point, put it in a foil pan and sprinkle on some rub and sauce, then throw it back in the smoker for a few hours.

Wayne B

Do I need to worry about internal temp. after putting the point back in? How do I know if the burnt ends are ready? Do I have to cube the point or does it matter. Woke up at 6:40 am and the flat is at 180* and the point is at 170*, the smoker is sitting on 235*. When should I be in the plateau? At what temp. approx.? Peace out, "Q" Big Grin
Once your flat is done your point should be ready for cubing.
You have to check the burnt ends as you cook for doneness by tasting. That is the fun part. Takes about 2 hours when I make them.
You are cooking the fat out is all you are doing.

Oh, put holes in the pan so the grease can drip out.
You can just use foil too if you don't have a pan.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Wayne B
Wayne gave you golden advice. SO let me add something to help.

This is supposed to be fun, being Saturday I want in... LOL

Measure the internal temp of the flat in many places. When it reaches somewhere between 195-200 degrees remove the brisket. What you are looking for besides that internal temperature is a FEELING you will relish in the future - when you stick a probe into the brisket (or pork butt) it will slide effortlessly in and out like you are piercing a stick of butter than is almost melted - EFFORTLESS... Remember that beautiful sensation.

After letting the brisket sit about 10 minutes separate the flat from the tip. As Wayne said cube the tip up and put those cubes in a pan, apply more rub and a little sauce and then back in your smoker for about 90 minutes. Take a couple of cubes out, let them cool a tad and then TASTE TEST - has more of the fat rendered out - do the cubes have a nice little bark on the outside ??

You're gonna have a ball man so EXHALE and have fun. Good eating at your place today. Any idea what sides you are gonna serve with it ??



Just finished the burnt ends, they came out bursting with flavor. The flat has been FTC'ing for 2 hrs. Will wait another hour, if we can! Going to package up the burnt ends to put in tacos,beans and, we'll figure it out I'm sure. They all involve eatin, so you can't lose. "Q" P.S. will try to post pics of everything.

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