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I've been wanting to smoke summer sausage ever since I got my CS55 6 months ago. I've learned alot from reading through these forums and I've especially enjoyed looking at the photo albums. I finally got up the nerve and I'm glad I did. My first sausage try was a great success!

I used the Hi Mountain Summer Sausage kit, which contains all you need to get started. I added 6.5 lbs of chuck and 2.5 lbs pork shoulder for a 9 lb batch. I followed the smoking steps used by many of the sausage makers on this forum and it worked great for me. I anticipated the meat would hit 155 in 4-5 hour but didn't reach this until the 7 hour mark. The meat went into a stall similar to a plateau at the 135 degree mark.

I am very pleased with the outcome, the taste is better than any store bought sausage and the folks at work couldn't get enough. The only change I would make next time is to reduce the amount of fat.


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Originally posted by twofer:
How did you feed the meat into the casing? I have been stuffing from a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon, and the results have been less than even.

I used my LEM 5 lb stuffer for filling the casings. If you take a look at the 3rd pic in my album it shows the fibrous casing loaded on the stuffer tube. I've only used the stuffer a few times but it's worked great each time. It has metal gears and is built pretty tough. You can pick this up at Bass Pro or Scheels for $139.
Awesome Trucky! I've been wanting to try summer sausage for a while. Your presentation has inspired me to give it a shot. Looks and sounds way too easy. Stuffer may be an issue but I'll figure something out. Good job!

What kind of wood did you use? I am anticipating using hickory.

Hey! Never mind the Mrs thinking you're crazy. As long as she enjoys the results, that's what counts.

Thanks for sharing!!! Big Grin
It is not absolutely necessary to stuff in a casing. You can form your summer sausage in a roll like Jimmy Deans type sausage and just smoke it on your racks. It will form its own 'casing' that is edible.

This recipe is from Little Chief smoker. I smoke at 180-200 til internal of 156.

5 lbs. medium grade ground beef
5 rounded tsp. Morton Tender Quick Salt
2½ tsp. mustard seed
3 tsp. coarse ground pepper
1½ tsp. garlic powder
1½ tsp. onion powder
Mix all ingredients in large bowl, cover and refrigerate.
Next day, mix thoroughly again and refrigerate. Let set all of the next day (refrigerated). On the fourth day, form into 5 rolls. Place in smoker and smoke.
This sausage forms its own casings.
A note of warning – use only Tender Quick Salt and as specified; do not reduce the amount or proportion. However, the amounts of spices may be varied to suit your taste.
Originally posted by Wheelz:
Looks and sounds way too easy. What kind of wood did you use? I am anticipating using hickory.

I surprised myself at how easy this went. Since the summer sausage went well I've got some snack sticks ready to hit the smoker in the morning. I was hoping to put some high temp cheese in them but the local supplier wasn't open today.

I used 1.5 oz hickory and 1.5 oz apple for my summer sausage. This amount of smoke seemed just right. I've tried smoking jerky in the past but it came out way too smokey so I was careful not to use too much wood.

Give it a try you'll be glad you did. Thanks

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