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Got my SM025 yesterday, seasoned it today.

Got two pounds each of provolone, swiss, american and mozzarella. Followed the directions that came with the cold smoke baffle and everything worked beautifully!!! All the cheeses were awesome except the Swiss, it wasn't a good match with the hickory IMHO, will try swiss with other types of wood. Internal temp of smoker never went above 58 degrees.
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Probably extra easy in the winter months.

I am not certain on "what temp," but I am guessing just hot enough to get the wood chips smoking then shut the smoker down. If I remember correctly, we don't want the ambient temp to rise above 90*. One of you Cheese Experts chime in here. Big Grin

This may be a weekend gig! Wink
I set the temp for 150 degrees and placed a tray of ice on the cold smoke baffle. The temp never rose above 58 degrees. The key is to not let it go above 90. Of course the fact it was 25 degrees here in Pennsy helped! I sliced and vacuum packed the cheeses this morning....I think more made it into my stomach than the bags!!!!
I use on of my racks and double wrap the rack in HD aluminum foil.

When I smoke cheese I use the pan of ice on top of the foiled rack, get a good stream of smoke from my Hickory chips.
Turn off smoker and cover the vent with a cleaned out tin can, blocking the escape of smoke.

Ive smoked over 100 pounds of cheese and it all turns out perfectly.

Ok, just did my first batch of smoked cheddar & it was way too easy.

Put a palm full of hickory chips in the smoker, closed the door and set the temp to 150*. At the first sign of smoke I put a 9x9 aluminum pan full of ice on the bottom rack, closed the door and let the smoker run for 5 more minutes and turned it off.

Placed a wire rack from a small roaster oven with cheese in place (avoiding the vent hole where temp would be the warmest) on top of the smoker.

Set a cardboard box over the rack of cheese. Box was weighted down with a brick as it was a tad windy today. Outside temp was 43*.

Let it all smoke for 1 hour. Then I allowed the cheese to breath for about 20 minutes before wrapping in foil and putting it back in the fridge.

I'm not a huge fan of smoked cheese but the Mrs loves it & said this was good stuff! Big Grin

Experimenting was fun & now we have another smoked item to add to the household menu! Wink

Thanks to all contributors!

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