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New owner of a Smokette. Presently have a green egg and a Traeger. Wife says I have a BBQ fetish. Anyway went to smoke my first Boston Butt yesterday and could not get it past 165. 13 hours and that was the best I could get. Wifey says it was because the 5.5 lb Butt had the bone in it and that is he reason it took so long. Put an oven thermometer in smokette and the readings were correct. Smokette set at 225 and the thermometer read 225. So it is not the smokers' fault. Any help would be appreciated.
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Well,if you're cooking on an egg and a pellet muncher,you have some experience.

Older timers than me, used to say to cook 60* above the temp I was tryin' to achieve, to move through plateaus and cook evenly.

There isn't any science that I know of to this...but.

I've cooked a bunch of years on smokettes,and although I usually like folks to try 225* on a full loaded smokette,I run a butt at 235*.

A bone in butt will cook faster than boneless,usually.

A 5.5 will often take as long as a 7.5 lb,at 225*.

A plateau could take 4-5 hrs at 225*,occasionally.

If it won't move out of the plateau,after about 3 hrs and you are behind-crank it to 250*.

I assume you checked your remote probe for accuracy and the temp at the the cooking grate?

I assume you used an instaread to probe the butt in several places and were not in a fat pocket,or touching bone?

Cook another couple and don't worry about it.
13 hours ain't near long enough at 225* in a Smokette. At 165*, you were in a plateau. It sometimes takes a few hours to push through. You need to leave it in without opening the door until it reaches 195-205*, however long it takes. You will be glad you did. You will be calling the Smokette your butt cooker when folks ask. Take good notes and do lots of cooks.

Listen to GLH! He's a fountain of smoker knowledge and he's right. I've done 3 butts in my Smokette so far and all were in the ten pound range. They all took 18-19 hours. It seemed they hung in the plateau forever before the temperature started rising again. It also seems that my Smokette cooks a little faster when I have a bigger load.
I just did a 6 pounder last weekend. Put it in Friday after work around 1730 so it would be ready for lunch on Saturday. Set the Smokette at 225 and let er rip. Saturday morning at 0900 it was at 182, held in smoker at 150 until 1000. Wrapped in foil, a big towel and threw it in a warmed up cooler until 1200. The last one I did took about the same amount of time as well. 15-16 hours to hit 180 and 18-19 hours to hit 195. Hope this helps. I'm a newbie at this. Starting to share with friends and family now, as I'm getting this figured out and getting good reviews. BTW all have been bone in.

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