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Hi all,
I'm planning on smoking my 1st brisket over night and tomorrow. I have a 9.2 pound virtual packer and was wondering how much wood to use. I have apple and cherry chunks. Also would it be ok to smoke at a lower temp. say 190 over night and crank it up to 225 in the morning? Thanks for a great forum!!
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Hey Smokin'brewer - "Welcome to thhe forum!"

I am assuming that you have seasoned your smoker and all that good stuff. Yes, it's ok to lower the temp over night. I usually set mine at 180˚ and crank it up to 225 ˚ in the morning. Using 4 - 6 oz of wood will work though you may want to do just 4 for your first smoke. Better to start off low than to over-smoke and ruin the day.

I enjoy hickory, oak & pecan with brisket. Many use Mesquite - but watch it as this wood can get bitter.

Take it to 195˚ internal, wrapin HD foil (might add a cup of beef broth/stock) & let er rest for at least 1/2 hour - 2-3 hrs if possible.

Let us know how goes it! Big Grin

Good luck...
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Well I have to say my first brisket turned out even better thah I thought it would!!
I put it in around 11:00 PM on fri night w/a mixture of apple and cherry (around 5.5 oz)Set the temp to 180 and let er rip.
At 5:45 AM it was at 156 degrees internal.
Got up at 8:00 and turned it up to 225. I pulled it at 1:00 the internal was 195.
I wrapped it up in foil wrapped a towel around that and put it in a cooler for 4 hrs.
Well let me tell you it was the most juicy, tender and flavorful piece of meat I have ever eaten. The juices were running of of it like water! Unbelievable!!
The only thing I think I did wrong was slice it with the grain. Are you supposed to slice it against the grain? Or doesn't it matter. Thanks for all of the tips and suggestions.

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