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Iam about to smoke my first butt in my 08 which has been seasoned.the butt is 6.5 lbs with bone in. i will rub it and let sit for and hour or two. but what temp should it go in at and how long do you think it will take?i want it to come out perfect so i can show the family i am a bbq man!!!help
Thanks lots
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You can cook at 225 or higher if you want to. It will take --probably--an hour and a half to two hours per pound. Use your remote thermometer and check meat around 190 degrees. The bone will start to separate from the meat. From there take it out to rest for 20 minutes or so when it is how you want it for slicing or pulling
225 (the setting I use almost exclusively) let her cook for a while, maybe eight or ten hours.

The pork butt has lots of natural moisture and fat, so you can hardly go wrong. Don't leave it in there too long, however.

I don't use a probe or anything like that, and I don't open the door unless I'm adding something (like I might add some ribs with five hours to go).

I have also found that the 008 does better with a load inside, so I'll cook up a bunch of stuff, like a butt and two chickens, or a brisket, and then add some sausages later, etc.

Serving up two kinds of meat will definitely show you're the BBQ man!

Good luck, and have fun. Drink some beers, relax.

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