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Picked up a 6 lbs. butt, first one for my new smokette (ribs last weekend were fantastic). About how long and at what temp? If I start it tonight around 9 or 10, will it be ready for lunch tomorrow, or should I start it tomorrow early in the morning (7 ish) and let it go for dinner?

It's sitting in the fridge here at work, so I cant apply a rub until I get home tonight.

Thanks all.
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I always put the rub on just before putting it in the smoker. I have done them over night and right before, but could not tell any difference.
I smoke mine at 225 for 14 hours. It's always right at 14 hours unless I cook at 200, then it takes @ 20 hours. So what I would do is cook at 225 for 14 hours, wrap in foil for 2 hours in a cooler, then pull, then eat!!
So @ 16 hours from start to finish. Also use 4oz of wood. Try 2oz hickory and 2oz fruit tree.
The butt I did in my MECO water smoker took 14hrs. I started it in the morning Saturday with the intentions of eating it for dinner, big mistake we had it for lunch Sunday afternoon.

Now that I have a SM055 I have put the MECO into semi-retirement.

Like everyone says make a log of your cooking and be sure to list if it is winter or summer the wind blowing or not, and if it is real humid such as raining. It will all make a difference in time maybe a small difference but still a difference.

Don't be in a hurry, or waiting on an empty stomach this I have learned the hard/hungry way. Not fun when the Wife, MA and PA are saying is it done yet.
I just did two 8 lb butts last weekend. Took over 19 hours. One did get a little over done but it still tasted great. I started the cooker about 930pm at 225. About 9am I turned it up to 250 and just waited for the internal temp to get to 190. Which it never did, made it to 187 according to the thermo and I couldn't wait any longer. Used 3 oz of hick and 1.5 of mesquite.

Good luck hope that helps some
What I have always noticed is that my butts never get to 195 while in the smoker. I usually have 2 talyor temp gauges in each one. I always use my thermapen and hit around 185-187. It's never over or undercooked. I think while it rest in the cooler, the temp might rise a bit but I have never tested it. The best temp gauge is your hand. After 14 hours, pull the shelve out, and grab the bone with your hand, now pull. If the bone pulls away from the meat, it's done.
One should have no problem getting butts or any other cut of meat up to 195˚. If you do I would check the temps of the smoker while empty.

Theoretically, one should be able to get the butt up to the maximum temp of the smoker. Of course 250˚ meat is burnt and useless but should be able to attain the temp nonetheless.

Extension cords, wiring & electronic issues could be the culprit. If you are having trouble attaining maximum temps call Cookshack!

Do not be satisfied with 185˚ - 187˚ internal..! Your smoker was designed to do a better job than that.
I agree with Wheelz.

Cooking by time is never a good idea. Too many variables. You should determine a temp at which you consider the particular cut of meat DONE, use a digital therm probe, and cook until the internal temp of the meat reaches that temp.

My Smokette only makes about 235* full blast, but it don't have trouble getting butts to 205*, given enough time.


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