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Well I done my first smoke for someone else this past Saturday. This is just a hobby for me right now that I truly enjoy. My buddy was having a company Christmas party and asked me to do all the smoking for the event. The menu included brisket, chicken breast, bologna, ribs and homemade bbq sauce. Everyone left full and happy! Got a lot of compliments. Thank goodness for the cookshack and this forum because without either one it would not have been possible.
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Congrat's on the success! Though it is a double-edged will now be called upon often to provide 'smoked know like you did for..XX' And you'll be obliged to provide. And though you picked up pork butt when it was $1.29 a pound and thought it was a thrifty meal...all of a sudden they want it again and you can't find any for less than $3.89 per pound, but you can't disappoint, so you buy're losing money, but you can't charge what you've got into it...and so it begins... The start of your long, downward spiral into financial ruin! Welcome to the club! Cool
Congrats on your success! Wink

T.O. has a point but there is a way around it. If you find the meat to be smoked edging up in price ask the interested party to purchase the meat (your specs of course) and then you set the price for trimming, handling & smoking. No need to go broke cooking for others.

Just my $0.02 Big Grin
I have a standing offer among my friends.. called the 3 for 2 rule. Bring me 3 of whatever you want smoked and Ill do it but you only get back 2. I do lots of deer loins during deer season for folks. And it gives me something to do on cold winter days when I cant ride the Harley. Smiler


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