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My debut into to world of comp bbq started this weekend. I ended up placing 14 th out of 26 teams. I had 2 calls, 3rd place chicken and 10 th place ribs. Overall I enjoyed my experience, and am ready for the next one. Thanks to Cal and Toolman for the help they have given me,and to all the others on the forum as well.
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Originally posted by Southern swine:
Thanks, now I just need to get my pork and brisket squared away. I had good tenderness scores on both but must have been lacking the flavor. It didn't seem to hit the judges taste buds!!

Good luck with that pork. It took me almost 18 months before the judges starting giving me a "little" love. All the other cooks told me that pork was the easiest to cook and score with. Roll Eyes
One thing to remember is you are in the "heart of Memphis comps" which is all pork.We see a lot of Memphis cooks show up and just cook ribs,shoulders,and yardbirds.Figure they'll get their walks in pork and maybe get real lucky in chicken-and its cheap.

Now FLBBQ and KCBS has spread out some and they figure they'll take a shot at brisket for GC.You'll still see a bunch of tables short of a couple brisket entries.The amateur judges don't know much about briskets. Now there are enough judges sanctioned and travel all three.

Next time you may get some judges at a hot table that know packers. Cool

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