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Well Delivery day came – on time and in good condition.  The hardest part of it was removing the protective plastic which coated the stainless steel. Put the side and front shelves on easily.  Poured in 20 pounds of the included pellets, prime the firepot with a small fist-full of pellets and in 13 minutes, I was up to 400 degrees.  Ran it for about an hour and shut it down for a couple of hours.  Restarted and cooked 5 rib eyes.  Grill was very easy to use.  I love the different zones.  I was worried about the small 10x18 direct grill area, but really, it was very workable.  I actually watched Stuart’s YouTube video on grilling ribeyes on the FEC 500 and I really felt right at home with the unit.  It is solid built, works fine, looks great and cooks wonderfully.  I will only use this for family grill-type meals, because I have a also have a FEC 100 on the deck that will do all the heavy lifting.


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