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Had to try a ham. Mustard massage with some John Henry Maple Sugar Rub and Obies Sweet Rub. Three hours at 225. The glaze was a cup of my wife's home made marmalade, half cup maple syrup, half cup honey, half cup Jameson's Irish Whiskey.
It was a little dry on the bottom part which went right on the grill. The ham was precooked from the market so maybe I'll do 200 degrees next time or put some heavy foil on the end to retard drying out. The taste? It was really good.


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Looks tasty and except for that bottom piece, I'm sure it turned out very well. The glaze sounds delicious.

If you have the ability, maybe you can cook it on indirect heat next time, and you could avoid drying out the bottom couple slices. If you can't do indirect on your grill, try setting the ham on a rack inside a pan.
Yup. I think it will be a pan next time. Something to slow the drying. The bottom is right over the wood box.
I was basically following the video on
Sure is simple enough. The glaze was pretty thin but I did mop it twice. Trouble is, without a pan, I was dripping that sticky stuff all over. Definitely a pan next time and I won't have to hose off everything.
I am also happy to say unless my wife insists, I am through with Honey Baked Hams. I think she's on board. She really liked the ham and the cheeses.
Got some white fish and a turkey breast to do by Monday. Learn, learn, learn.
Lacking my wife's marinade, I probably would pick a nice apricot jam for the glaze mix.
I also might have had only a quarter cup of Jameson's instead of a half. Don't want it too boozy. I think.
Yeah, I'm going to experiment. A friend is really into this and I get some tips from him. He has a big smoker and does sixty pounds of ribs for his VFW group BBQs. Makes his own rubs and sauces. I'm not there yet but it is a great hobby. I get to play, it is better food than most restaurants I go to and all allows you to control your diet quite well. Going to brine some whitefish this am. Onward.

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