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I picked up a 6.18 lb pork butt $2.18/lb at Wal-Mart and rubbed it with 2 oz Jeff’s Naked Rib Rub. I’ve wanted to do a pork butt since I bought my AmeriQue a year ago. This was the first piece of pork the AmeriQue has seen and I have to say it was well worth the wait. I was surprised at how long it took to come to temperature compared to beef. I used 4 oz of apple and smoked the first 10 ½ hours at 225⁰ then cranked it up to 250⁰. it took another 2 hours to bring the internal temp to 200⁰


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Max, after reading Pork Butt 101 and probably every thread in the forum I saw target temperatures from 185⁰ - 205⁰. Not knowing what I was doing I may have just gotten lucky

DDB, I wish I could take credit for bringing the butt gland to light, but I read about it in the forum first or I never would have known about it.

I did a little research on it and found some believe it to be a myth, some believe it to be a lymph node, some believe it imparts a bad taste in the meat, some believe it makes no difference, some believe it should be removed prior to smoking, and some believe it is easier to remove after smoking.

Me? I don’t know what I think. I gross out easy and what I read grossed me out. Real or not I just wanted it gone if I could find something I could convince myself was it.

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