Got my new 25 Friday. Seasoned on Saturday. Very little of the wood burned 2 pieces of hickory but temps held well for 6 hours, about 200. Didn't add new wood just left the 2 pieces in, threw in the PB with Montreal seasoning rub. It reached 195 in 16 hours. No peeking. Pulled and invited over friends. Basically it was OMG. Everyone loved it. Cold Slaw and beans and soft rolls. Very little of the wood burned however. I will place it closer to the holes next time. The rub was a little salty on the bark but when pulled and mixed it was great.
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.. Seasoned on Saturday. Very little of the wood burned 2 pieces of hickory...

How was smoke flavor of PB?

I had same result seasoning a 020. Wood browned a lil on bottom but no visible signs of smoke at 4 hours/200 degrees. After forum search and email w/ CS, the smoker is producing better smoke.

Smoke tested after recommended adjustment. Took a couple of times to get results I wanted. Smoking better/quicker at 225. Not sure about lower temps... Smaller pieces "seem" (to new to swear to anything lol) to smoke better in my unit.

Just did second smoke (3 loin backs using two 1.5oz peices of hickory) and the smoke flavor was PERFECT.

So... check w/ CS and hopefully they can dial you in also. (I would rather you hear it from them than me - while you had a warranty. lol)
I am just getting ready to order a new smoker. Just needed some help on the difference between the new 20 which has a 750 heating element. Compared to the 08 that has the 500 heating element. Is the 500 all that is needed most of the time just for home use?
Bobby, I've been cooking on an 08 for some years now and the 500 watt element has worked remarkably well. I suspect that the reason for the 750 watt element in the new models is because they have a larger internal volume than the 08.

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