30 degrees, no wind, 020 set to 225.
4.3 pound rack of pork ribs, moderate cookshack rib rub.
2.5 ounces Cherry wood no bark.
07:20 start, 08:00 215 smoker- 233 air, steady smoke.
08:20- 226 smoker- 227 air
11:20 225 osmoker-228 air, opened .25-.375 bone exposed, good crust, spots bubbleing through with juice. Turned over. Oven 180.
11:36 oven 220- air 228.
13:00 Ate four ribs, sprayed the leftovers with Smokin Okie's basting sauce lightly and double foiled for later.

Very good, best smoked ribs I have ever had.
Thanks to all for the meal.
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Foshizzle, That makes ribs sound too easy. I was planning to try ribs for the first time this w/e.

What(if anything) would you do different next time?

What type ribs did you cook?(BB or spares) How did the texture of the meat turn out? (falling off bone, slight tug, or chewy) BTW, some of the better tasting ribs I've tried were a lil chewy, although the best I've had were very tender.

Hi redoakNC,
Yes it was easy, the ribs are from Sam's, they are big, package was three ribs combined wieght 13.4 pounds. Already tossed the package and forgot what they are called.

Meat was tender-chewey-moist, a few spots of bark on the fresh was dry.

The left overs where all good. Re-heated for 45 minutes at 350 in the oven. .375-.5 bone exposed. No dry spots rehydrated perfect, we all agreed the best ever.

I'm sure you will have the same or better results. I never made ribs this good on a propane water smoker/grill.

Next time I'll not eat right out of the smoker, wrap them and let them rest first. Hope this helps

ALWAYS love those "best i ever had posts"

Now just imagine all the other stuff and how it WILL get better

In your post, what is the difference between 'smoker' temp and the 'air' temp? Can't figure that out. (but maybe it's just me)

Is it the difference between the 020 control readout and some other measurement you applied? If so, how did you measure the temp?
Qnorth, I dropped a taylor probe down through the hole on the top, suspended just above the ribs. Found on the forum about all ovens being different and check if the temperature on the controller is the actual temperature of the oven.

It is nice to see the probe and the controller agree. Did it to get a baseline. Alot of words to say you nailed it.

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