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Ok, I received my SM025 today.
Only seasoned it for three hours with 4 oz. of hickory at 250 but I was anxious to get cooking and it did color the walls some.
Just put the PB on at 250 to get the smoke going and I'm going to drop it back down to 190 before going to bed. Checking in morning and at lunch. Hoping to be ready for supper tomorrow evening.


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The batch I made I couldn't really taste the ginger. How much of the sauce did you use? I usually use just enough to get it moist and add some rub to it.

Next butt, try it without. Just keep experimenting till you find what you like.

I'd say try making up a batch of Eastern NC bbq sauce, my personal fave, but seeing as you're from TX, don't know if you'd go for that.

Actually I'm surprised that you guys from TX know what pork butt is. Big Grin
You may find that a slight amount of vinegar sauce cuts any hint of grease,while adding a little moisture.

Mixing a little of your rub comliments that which was put on as rub.

Some folks may then offer some sauces on the side for their guests.

Your being from west TX,I might suggest that you offer enough vnegar sauce to just do the above job,and CS Mild sauce-if it was included in your kit-as a choice of sauce.

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