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Thanks for all of the input from this board. Got a nice trimmed pork butt from the local butcher weighing in at a little over 6 lbs. As mentioned in my prior post, went with the Renowned Mr. Brown recipe. Prepared the rub and zipped lock the meat in the fridge on Friday night. Saturday afternoon I seasoned my smokette for about 4 hours and then went off to a Halloween party.

Re-rubbed at about 11:30 pm and let sit. Put foil down in the smoker while I waited. 1 chunk of Hickory and 1 chunk of Oak. At 12:15 I unceremoniously placed the meat in the smoker and turned the dial to 225. Kind of looked around thinking there must be something else to do, but obviously there wasn't, so I went to bed.

First opened the unit at 9:00 am on Sunday and stuck a roast thermometer inside. Temeperature reading of 160. At 11:00, it has moved maybe a couple of degrees. Time to crank it up to 250. About 15 hours into it, at 3:00 it was time for the whole family to depart for the local Halloween parade, so fortunately we stood at 190.

What a sight this piece of meat was. Exactly that dark barked look I was hoping for. I wrapped it in foil and a couple of towels and into a cooler. Off to the parade.

Pulled it at around 6:30 and then mixed in some Vaunted Vinegar Sauce. Served with buns and cole slaw (my wife made the slaw, so easy and quite good, it is amazing how much bad cole slaw there is out there).

Wow! I can't even tell you how good the finished product was. First ate it on the bun, but it was way too flavorful to eat that way. We all agreed that it was best straight away. A nice spice that gives it a kick. I had my hot sauce sitting there (Scorned Woman) but never had to reach for it.

I could not be any happier with the Smokette. This is just the beginning of what will certainly be a long story. Happy smoking everyone.
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Originally posted by nysmoker:
[qb] It was the basic slaw recipe in the Smoke and Spice book where I got the Mr. Brown recipe. I can post if you need it (although I'm not sure about copyright laws). Real simple stuff and a great book. [/qb]
Thanks, don't have the book.. maybe you can email it to me?

Else, I can try to find a copy somewhere.


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