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brined up some amberjack and added some steelhead to try and smoke for the first time (I have smoked a lot of fish in the past on bradley and big chief smokers put the fish in my amerQ and set it on 160 with some applewood - the AmerQ never smoked and just kind of baked the wood turned it up still no smoke changed wood to hickory still no smoke

what am I doing wrong?
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I have never smoked any fish, but I do own an AmeriQ. Probably lots of folks here more qualified than I am, but I will throw a few things out there that you might think about. I have heard of people having problems with wood that has too much moisture in it. I always store my wood in the house, so it is totally dry. I also place my wood chunks in the wood box with the cut side down so that there is more surface contact with the heat. Also, place it in a spot in the wood box that makes contact with the heating element. If all else fails, call Cookshack. They can be very helpful.
You want to build your house on a good foundation, the same is true when smoke cooking foods.

The pro's know every wiggle and jiggle of their smokers. I suggest you take some time and learn the characteristics of your new AQ smoker/cooker. By learning it now, you will then be much more proficient in the future.

By keeping detailed notes, you will be able to answer your own questions as to why one cook was the same or different from another. This can easily be done at first by simply using quart zip bags half filled with water to replicate meat or other products. By observing the color change of the bags,you will then be able to visually see the effects of changing species and cut of woods, temperatures, the times, along with the colors of smoke. By keeping good notes you will soon know what effect each individual change will have on your product.

Hope this helps and have fun with your AQ,

Mr. T
How long have you had your smoker? What type of wood did you use? Have you used the wood in the past?

When the smoker is cool, lift the element so that it touches the smoke box when the box is inserted. Then place the wood where the curved part of the element touches the wood box. I've lifted my element enough to prevent me from inserting the wood box without gently lowering the element just a tad first.

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