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Chicken takes on smoke very readily so 6 oz of wood might be over kill (although smoke taste is a personal preference). You did not say what kind of wood. Some woods being milder than others.

Internal temp depends on where you put the probe. Target is approx. 160 deg in the breast or 170 deg in the thigh.

Good luck!!!
DaveN -- I totally agree with Q'n Mike. Six oz is way lots of wood for a yardbird! I'd "start" with an ounce or two, no more. If you want more smoke the next time ease it on up.

In cooking a whole chiicken shoot for 175˚ in the inner thigh. I've done several in the last month or so and this works well for me - using one oz pecan. BTW, my birds were 7% enhanced but you'll be safe even if you have good, clean ones.

Hope this helps!
Appreciate that Dave. I know if you are in NC, you have had good Q!

I kinda had the same mindset about chicken the first few times I did them in my Smokette. Soon, I found a perforated tray with a reservoir that fits up the chicken's bottom at Target. I fill that thang up with a 50/50 mix of beer and apple juice concentrate, set the 008 on 250* for 4 hours, take the bird in and put in the oven for a few on at least 400* until the skin browns up some and even gets crispy or charred in spots. I don't let the wife put them in her rotisserie anymore.

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