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What is your favorite smoker? What chips do you like to use? Also what temp do you like to smoke at and for how long.

I have a Bradley Smoker, I smoke at 160ish degrees and for approx 6-8 hours depending on the thickness of the fish, but I found on the good smokers for fish and thinking to buy new.

I was just curious on all of your little tricks.

My Grandmother has an old metal freezer converted to a smoker, this old thing can smoke about 80lbs and always seems to have the best flavor.

Thanks for reading and good fishing!!

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@hatteraspk posted:

I use my Big Chief smoker  140 - 160   I brine my fish first   mostly saltwater fish - king mackerel and blue fish  4-6 hours depending on thickness - very important to after brining (I use a wet brine) to let the fish set up and dry before going in the smoker.


X2 on the Big Chief Smoker. This thing was built for fish and jerky. And as a bonus the price can't be beat! 

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