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I'm a CS newbie and decided to tackle a brisket for the very first time. I guess I felt brave. Smiler

Unfortunately, I had already purchased a small brisket flat of 4 lb before reading how difficult the smaller cuts are to cook.
So, I opted to use the foil/juice method discussed throughout this forum to compensate for moistness loss in small cuts.

I let the brisket reach 160F, foiled it with some beef stock, and cooked my brisket to a final 195F and pulled from oven.

I opened the foil and found the brisket swimming in steak juices.
Now, the newbie question is....
Is it customary to let the brisket sit in the opened foil with the steak juices surrounding it for an hour before moving the steak to a clean plate and carving, or should I completely remove it from the foil with juices and let it sit on a plate to cool for half hour before carving?

Or is there another way?

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The juices aren't going to go back into the meat, since it's now done. I usually let them sit maybe 30 min, take it out and cut.

Defat the juices and use the au jus, mix with a little (very little) BBQ Sauce and makes a nice glaze for the slices.

Eat away...

Oh, and try to cut cross grain.

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