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I'm making smoked pulled pork sliders for the Super Bowl. I think they could sit out for as long as 5-6 hrs (I get to the game early to help my buddy).

Is this safe? We probably all experience food sitting out for a long time during the game. The meat is cooked, smoked and will have vinegar base sauce. What do you think?
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The key is temp. IF you stay above 140, then you're fine. If it drops below 135 then the Food Science People say it's in the danger zone (and then you need to take it back above 165) to reheat.

Just cook and can you hold them in a warm smoker or do you have to transport?

Agree, but don't forget about the time in which you are doing these actions.


The 4-hours/ 2-hours rule is a basic rule inside of Food Safety Science : 

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