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I am going to make 150 stuffed jalapenos (ABTs) for a large group next month. I have the following questions:

1) can I prepare them in advance if I combine all ingredients while cold?

2) can I safely freeze them 2 days before the event and smoke the day of?

3) I want to build custom racks for my 055 to use the existing vertical racks - can I use aluminum or do I have to go with stainless?

4) can I precook the bacon and chill before placing on the assembled peppers or should I precook and add immidiately before the smoke?

how would you go about this task, gang?

FWIW- I cut the tops off and core the japs and then parboil them, then pipe in cream cheese, cheddar, onions and cooked pork sausage.

Thank you
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Do NOT freeze peppers, you won't like it.

Sure precook the bacon.

WHY parboil the peppers, not sure I've heard people doing that, I'd think they'd get too soft.

I wouldn't use aluminum, not sure it does great in a smoke with acid (peppers)

Just keep them COLD and you'll be fine, I wouldn't hold more than 2 days
Smokin', I'm not sure where I got that parboil step, but I use it to extract capsaicin from the peppers. It doesn't change the texture too much. They take a dip for maybe a minute then go straight into an ice water bath. It pulls enough heat out to turn the water into tear gas. Yes, it turns them into bell peppers basically - but it allows all folks to eat them. Honestly, I've never tried it without parboiling so I don't have a comparison. Maybe I'll skip that step this time around and see the difference.

I guess I'll just prep the night before and chill since freezing is not an option.

EDIT: on my last attempt, something caused all of the heat to transfer to the bottom of the peppers. The last 1" or so was so potent that even the heat lovers had to discard the tips. It was brutal. This may have been a function of the parboil...not sure.
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JustADude, Somkin's right. Parboiling them will definitely soften them. Don't forget, you're parboiling at 212 degrees F for one minute. You will be smoking them at roughly the same temp but for a longer time. That'll soften them enough.

Freezing will soften them also. The ice crystals that form during freezing will break down the cell walls in the peppers making them even softer.

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