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Holly and just finished lunch at Coach's with Russ. :-) had one of almost everything on the menu. Mmmmmmmm! And walked out with a sample of all three of his rubs. That's not all! I have a new used SM160 in the back of my truck and headed home.

Today, has been a really good day!!!

Thanks Russ for your hospitality.
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It was my pleasure meeting you and your wife, glad we could sit and discuss.

I told Steve in the restaurant. I've had my pork, BBQ and Brisket rubs made commercially for the restaurant and he's the first to get to take some home. Right now it's only available that way through me, more on that soon.

Offer is up to anyone, if you're coming through OKC, let me know so I can meet you there (in case it's an off day for me like today was).

ALWAYS happy to meet forum members.
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All kiddin aside, meeting with Russ and tasting his "Q" was a real treat. No need for me to tell all of you that it's a must do, I'm sure you already know that.

Top of the list for Holly and I were the Ribs. The best we've ever tasted. I'm powdering up a rack today with Smokin's rub to see if I can reproduce it.

Dallas! What were you thinkin??

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