Tried my first shot at GLH jerky method yesterday.

* Marinaded 36 hr with Hi Country

* laid flat on my fish shelves

* 180* for 3 hr with 1oz hickory

* When I opened the smoker, it was practically raining and the meat looked boiled.

* Cranked up to 250 for 1 hr.

Meat came out edible but not looking jerky-like.

GLH, Where did I screw up? Roll Eyes
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Did you preheat the CS? I preheat my AQ for 15 to 30 minutes, then hang the jerky for 3 hours at 180-185*. I also use lots more wood, like about 4-5 oz. for a good heavy smoke. It always comes out good.
Hi tigerfan,

Yup. I pre-heated to 180*.

I'm thinking the small dose of smoke and the fact the the strips were laid flat caused the problem. What do you think?

Does your jerky look like "store-bought" when you do it this way? Mine has when I've done it with more heat. As I said this is my first GLH attempt.

IMO, the more smoke helps dry out the jerky. It could be by laying flat the moisture sat on the jerky and did not drip off like hanging does. Mine does look "store bought", only more narrow strips! Good luck to ya! Mayb GLH has a different opinion or more info for you.
Next time, hang them, use 4-6 oz. wood, smoke at 200* for 4 hours. Try that. Your meat must have alot of moisture in it. Did you cure the meat? I preheat on 250*, then turn down after the meat is in and the door closed. Keep trying, we'll get you there. Keep good notes, good or bad.


The rods are not a must for jerky. Seafood grills are nice also, especially when you need to slide the jerky and the woodbox into the smoker quickly.

Take the woodbox out and put in lots of wood of your choice. Cover the top with foil. Line the bottom of the Smokette with foil. Make sure the drippan is under the Smokette, and you poke the drainhole out. Close the door and latch it and turn the thermostat up full blast. Lay your cured and seasoned jerky on the seafood grills while the Smokette preheats. After about an hour of preheating, open the door and quickly slide in the jerky and woodbox. Close the door quickly, latch it, and turn the smoker down to around 180*-200*. Wait 2 hours. Open the door and quickly grab a piece of jerky and close the door back. This will allow steam/moisture to escape and let you check the doneness/dryness of the jerky. If not ready, wait another hour, quickly open the door again, switch the top and bottom seafood grills around, quickly close the door, wait another hour. After an hour, quickly open the door, grab another piece of jerky off a different grill, quickly close and latch the door back, check dryness/doneness.

I have the best luck with lots of wood. I feel an abundance of smoke helps dry the meat. Jerky can take alot of smoke and be good. I usually set the dial just a hair below 200*, which might be close to 180* in my Smokette.

I do not know how to do jerky in any other smoker besides the CookShack Smokette. This is pretty much the gist of my latest trials and experimentation. I take very good notes with each smoke/cook. (disclaimer)

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Thanks HbB,

I used Hi Country mix for 36 hours. The meat was a couple of brisket flats I got a deal on.

I'll try your method again with more smoke and hanging. Heating to 250* makes sense (probably why I only went to 180*.)

My old method works fine: but yours is getting a lot of good press and I want to stay up with the latest and greatest. Big Grin


PS: Hope your still bouncing...
Still bouncing at my day job. Let so many slide by here I had to recuse myself!

Never did brisket in jerky. Are you trimming all the fat off?

Sorry about your jerky.
Ive said here before, and I will repeat what ive said before.
Ive made only a couple hundred pounds of jerky in my 150. I put in abt 3 to 4 oz. of wood and let it rip for about half an hour of steady smoke. Then open the door, swing it wide open and close it. I do this every 30 minutes.
It dumps a ton of moisture which cookshack smokers are noted for.
Not trying to sound like a know it all here, but if you dont remove excess moisture your results arent going to be what you hoped for.
High Mountain Jerky spices rock also. Thats pretty much all I use.
Good Luck with your next batch, and please open the door to dissipate excess moisture.

Check out this awessome link of Mainley Dave.
Best photo and info site for Cookshack IMHO.
I tried GLH's method myself last weekend and had the same experience that Hook did. My tip off was noticing that my drip pan was almost to the brim with liquid. I popped the door open and there was water everywhere. The jerky tasted good but I did not like the texture at all - it was more cooked than dried. I use flank steak for jerky using my own dry cure and hanging it. My preferred method is using 2 to 3 ounces of apple wood, setting the 'stat to just a hair over 100 and leaving the door ajar. Check after a few hours until the meat is dried to the point I like it. Has always turned out tasty and perfect. I guess to each his own....
I also used the GLH method for the first time last week. The result was the same. The jerky tasted okay but didn't look anything like "jerky". As someone else noted, the jerky looked almost boiled.

Now, my meat was sliced wild goose breasts. For some reason, the meat does seem wetter than most.

But, I've kept the jerky in the fridge for about a week. Now the meat is a bit more dried and tastes a bit more like typical jerky.

I think I'll go back to the QDogg method...
I have experienced what some of you are talking about - jerky looking "boiled." If you give it another 45 minutes after opening the door I think you will be satisfied. That's been my experience anyway.

I've never tried the Q-dogg method so I really can't compare the two.

Just my $0.02.
Just did 6-1/2 lbs. of jerky. I used Eye of Round Roast, sliced it 1/4" and cut into strips. I use Hi Mountain cure and seasoning for 48 hours in the firdge. I set my AmeriQue on 250 for about 30 minutes, opened it up and hung 4 full rods of jerky. I reset the temp to 190 for 3-1/2 hours and after that I let it stay on hold at 140 for another 30 minutes. I just took it off and have it between paper towela to soak up excess moisture then I will bag it and put in the fridge for a day or so. Always comes out to my liking!!
I believe some of you folks just need to leave the jerky in the smoker longer. 180-200*. If 4 hours don't do it for you, shut the door for another hour or 2. The moisture in the smoker is from the meat itself and will eventually drain out the bottom or go out the top with the hot air. It should not steam or boil at 180-200*. Water boils at 212*. As tigerfan alluded, preheating is essential. Also, the meat should not be wet after curing or when you hang it, but will contain alot of moisture.

Originally posted by tigerfan:
Just did 6-1/2 lbs. of jerky. I used Eye of Round Roast, sliced it 1/4" and cut into strips. I use Hi Mountain cure and seasoning for 48 hours in the firdge. I set my AmeriQue on 250 for about 30 minutes, opened it up and hung 4 full rods of jerky. I reset the temp to 190 for 3-1/2 hours and after that I let it stay on hold at 140 for another 30 minutes. Always comes out to my liking!!

Just finished another 8lb batch of flank using the Hi Mountain cure & seasonings. I also marinated it for 48 hours or so. Preheated the SM50 at 250˚ for 30 minutes, hung the meat on my fabricated stainless steel skewers, set the cooker temp down to 180˚, threw in about 3oz of apple, and left the door closed almost 4 hours. Again, a successful jerky smoke.
The wife loves the jerky and takes some with her to work every day. Which means, I have to prepare jerky on an almost weekly basis. Thanks to GLH for his method.
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I am preparing some Elk for jerky and will have it in the smoker Saturday! Will do it the GLH method as that always seems to work great for me. First time for Elk jerky! Will post results.
Big Grin Every recipe in the Sausage maker book says to "dry out" by holding sausage/jerky/whatever for 100* for an hour or so depending on the recipe w/full open vent. THEN gradually raise temp w/smoke till 152*. This KEY step elliminates all sorts of problems. Jamey
I have my butcher slice a 15 pound bottom round 1/4 thick....I pat the meat dry...apply HIgh Mountain Cure (Original)to both side of the meat....put the meat into two ziploc bags....let rest in fridge for 3 days....hang meat on 3 jerky rods....set temp on FEC100 to 224 and smoke for 5 hours....comes out great everytime
The jerky should be done in 4 hours at 180-200*. At 224*, I believe you are doing more cooking than drying. As long as it works for you and you like the outcome, it's all good.

Soon to try my first jerky cook. I bought the Hugh Mountain cure. After 24/36 hours of curing do I just put it in the rods, or do I rinse the meat like I do for brining. I know it's a jerky questing but I want to make sure. Thanks, Turbodad
I've tried laying them flat and using rods and can't tell the difference. You can smoke more of them with rods.

Couldnt figure out what was the problem, with my jerky. why it always came out cooked instead of dried/smoked.

Ive only been doing it at 150 degrees.



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