I've cooked goat curry and grilled a goat leg, but never smoked goat; always wanted to, though. I used to get goat quite easily where I used to live, but now not so much. I'm jealous! I recall the meat being very lean, so if it were me, I'd be careful with a long smoke. Good luck and please report back. I'm with OLDSARGE - prepare to be considered the expert.

Thanks for your reply’s, finally have time this weekend. Doing ribs, trimmed what little fat on the ribs and decided to brine it overnight, not the original strength but cut back on the salt, will take pics and figure out how to post since I never posted pics before. Will let you know how they turn out

Tried goat ribs, the first go around they turned out tough, I went by temperature, 170 degrees, that’s what some sites say when grilling but smoking low and slow temperature doesnt work so the next batch I smoked at 200-225 wrapped in foil after 2 hours and checked every hour until the meat was tender, neutral flavor but not gamy. Chops are next on the list

I think you did exactly the right thing in smoking then quickly wrapping the ribs. As I've said, my experience is goat meat is very lean. I'm glad the ribs turned out good after two tries. I'll be interested to hear how chops turn out. I'm thinking from your description you have locally farm raised goat, which I would expect to be leaner than mass produced (not nation-wide but within a several-state area).

Thank for posting. I have some ribs from a ram (Texas Dall) I killed hunting. Will try brine, rub and then wrap after 2 hours. Will post back - it may be a month from now though. 

I also have some roasts to experiment with - again brining and being aware of the low fat content. I would love to try pulled ram shoulder but may not be possible. 

Let us know how they turn out, haven’t had much time lately to continue on my goat experiments, been tied up at work but will get back to it when freed up. My last try was with goat chops, smoked them until around 120 degrees then put them in a crockpot until tender, came out ok but need to experiment more on seasoning 

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