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What does age have to do with the post? I think the good ones are there and they work. Like Ribs 101 which I wrote 10 years ago.

If there something missing in those you want? Your basically wanting "from scratch" only?

Problem is we have a few users doing jerky, but not a ton Frowner

Key is what smoker you have, learn the general techniques then adjust to your flavors.
Hey SmokinOkie
Good point on the recipe. I totally agree with the age as some of mine are quite a few years old. The problem I found was that a lot of the recipes people tried that were older I couldn't find any follow-up as to whether they were good or if they would recommend. I read one of your posts around January 2010 for a recipe that you reposted but I didn't see much feedback on flavor. I was trying to avoid spending a lot of money on mistakes. However, I did print it to try. I just want to see if anyone has something good that I may have missed.
Here's a simple to make teriyaki sauce that I have been using for years. Came in a jerky book that I have.

Teriyaki Marinade
Use for 3 to 4 lbs of beef or poultry

1 C. soy sauce (Kikkomen)
2 crushed garlic cloves
2 tsp crushed or ground ginger root
2 tbl brown sugar
1 tsp pepper

I usually marinate for 24 hrs, turning every few hours. And I now add some TQ for a better color and longevity.

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