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Run the smoker at 225* for roughly 1.25 hrs/lb, test for tenderness with a temp probe at the 4 hr mark, let meat rest for 15-20 minutes lightly covered with foil to let juices redistribute, then enjoy.

I don't believe you can prevent a 4 lb brisket flat from drying out so I would inject before cooking. You can find brisket injection recipes on the internet.

Take the time and read Smokin's Brisket 101 if you haven't already done so. Hope it turns out.
The last flat I did I took to 190. But, it was a huge 10 pound, well marbled choice flat, and it took 14 hours, 15 minutes to get there at 225 in my AQ. For a 4-pounder, it will be a challenge to keep it from drying out. Some of the experts here in the forum probably have some good ideas, but if it were me, I would take it to maybe 160 or 170 to get the smoke flavor, then finish it in foil with apple juice or a nice mop.
Were it me, I'd shoot for 225, center rack position, fat side down. I'd also inject it but if it took you 54 posts and 6 years to get around to smoking a brisket, I doubt you have brisket injection laying around the pantry Smiler

If you have a digital probe thermometer, set it in the center and start checking tenderness at the 195 mark. Minimal in and out probe resistance tells you it's done, which will likely be around the 200 mark.

I'm guessing you're looking at 5 hrs.
haha..thanks guys..yes...ive been smoking ribs, chicken, butts, etc successfully for years and never tried a Brisket! Ive done the search and been reading all I can. Didnt realize the wife picked up such a small flat from costco and I dont want it to dry.

There seems to be no fat on it at all.. I can make an injection first before going in the smoker and I do have foil to answer questions.

Thanks guys for any other comments..and I will post how it turned

I was debating on whether or not to advise you to foil. Smokettes maintain a moist cooking environment but given the size, go ahead and inject and foil at 165. Keep in mind that foiling might cut your cook time down a bit.

Be sure to let it rest at least 30 minutes before hour would be it in the foil.

Good luck.

I would think you smoker is the old Smokette? I personally wouldn't worry about injecting it unless you have an injection mix like Butchers/Kosmos. I would cook on high(250*) until 160* internal temp, then wrap tight with double foil. In the foil I would put a 1/2 cup of broth with a TBS of your rub and a little pepper. Cook till 200* and wrap in towel(FTC) for 2hrs.

AND do the shopping next time...LOL!
I have smoked small flats from Costco several times with good result in my CS025. Smoke it to about 160 internal, remove it, foil it tight and add some flavored liquid. Put back in the smoker and take it up to 180-190 or so. Probe test for tenderness and pull it. Let it rest a while. It will be moist and tender and good. You will also have some juices to play with if you want to make a gravy or sauce.

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