I'll see if I can measure.

The outside dimensions "should" be on the CS site. I just looked and didn't see them on the main CB page (maybe someone knows if they are out there).

I do know each grate weighs about 23 lbs and it takes two for each burner so in my CB36 there are 6 grates.
Well, I'm not very good at this, so what I did was google for Cookshack charboiler and there was a pdf file for the operator manuals that gave sizes...you might try that

Guess it is just the overall size, sorry!

Update....12"x20" for every two grates...so 24"X20" for the 24" and 36"X20" for the large 36" charbroiler.
Originally posted by Markgerickson:
... Now if any has some reviews on either the 24 or 36...

Most of them are in use in restaurants, and those guys are always busy (rarely post)

I've posted some info here, my experiences.

Ask, what do you want to know.

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