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Thanks to all the ones who responded to my post "Salmon". As mentioned in that post, I said I had smoked an Atlantic Farm Raised" and it wasn't to my taste, too "fishy". You said to try a "Wild" Salmon and it would be totally different. I found one this past weekend at a local United Marketstreet from a river in Alaska. It was much darker than the farm raised one. It was 6 dollars higher a pound too. Well I purchased a pound and smoked it and it was Wonderful!!!!!!!
Again thanks for the help.
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That's why I spend a few days in British Columbia or Alaska every year fishing for salmon. Nothing like 40-80 pounds of filets(depends on the year) of fresh wild salmon
in the freezer. I usually end up smoking about a third of it over the winter and cook the rest of it many different ways
Of course the price/pound may be high, but I get to enjoy the most beautiful scenery in the world and get to spend a few more days fishing which I can never get enough of.

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