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Baking soda is what is in all these instant carpet cleaners,and absorbs odors.Comes in big boxes.

Kitty litter,spread in shallow pans and closed up,might work.

We have all night salt storms ,here at the beach,and lots of heat.

I keep a big pan in all the cookers-for mold/mildew.

Of course,teammate loaned his spare cooker out at Lakeland and the guy cooked lots of fish.

That will give you a real change. Eeker
The odor is sticking to what seasoning you had.

While I don't like to recommend it, I agree with TN to get the no odor Easy Off, clean it up and go with a reseasoning.

You'll want to check it out closely, you could fry the ignitor if it got to hot as well as the seals on the door.
I was telling Eddy about the fire I had in my FEC100. I told him how I cleaned it with a power washer. He told me never to spray a hose on the inside of the cooker, because the panels are not welded tight together, and you can get water in the insulation causing it to degrade.
I'd think just cook up several butts and it would mask right over the smell.

Otherwise sodium percarbonate (non chlorine bleach used in many household fire cleanups) shold knock down most of the odors. Best source for sodium percarbonate for what you're doing ... UNSCENTED Tide laundry detergent.

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