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Bought a 11 lb, bone in shank, already cooked/hickory smoked Cook's brand ham. 23% water content.

Want to smoke it til it's close to 140 degrees then oven finish at 325 degrees with the glaze to set.

Searching a ton here and googling....

Consensus seems to be 140 degrees internal max as it's already cooked and no need to go beyond that.

However, I'm stumped as to how long an 11lb one might take. I've seen two hours mentioned - I've seen four hours mentioned too.

Anybody have a personal experience?

I did one just like this two years ago (same ham type - same weight - precooked) and I wrote down it took four hours, but I didn't record to what temp I took it to Mad

So I don't know if 4 hours was 140 or 160.

Any suggestions?

Family here soon and don't want them standing around for two extra hours waiting for their main course.
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Steve - I'm doing a 10 1/2 lb double smoked ham now. I normally go to 120F internal in the smoker set at 225F. I then pull, glaze it, and put into a 325F oven and cook to 135F internal. I normally apply the glaze 2-3 times. As a guideline, I use ~ 25 mins. per lb., so the overall cook time is around 4 hours. Then I FTC it for 1 hour or so. While resting, the internal temp rises to 140F-145F.
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Thanks all for the help.

It took about four hours at 250 to get it to 122/128 (two different probes). Took it out to glaze in a 325 oven. Did that for about an hour and it was Thermapenned at 160 in spots and 125 in other spots.

So we cut it and served it and poured a little of the hot left over glaze from the stove on it.

Tasted great.

Next time though I'll take better notes!

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