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Originally posted by BigMikeinNJ:
Good Sir,
I hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend, get to celebrate it with loved ones in good health. All the best and thank you for all the hard work you put in here. You help so many new people along the way that you probably never hear from.
God Bless

Are you kidding me sir ?? Your birthday falls on a Holiday weekend, end of summer, people out trying to get one last sunburn, driving their kids to college. Nobody is on the internet (well, almost no one). Man if you don't know how much what you do and have done is appreciated well I'm sorry.

You're a great cook and your passion is so evident in everything you post here. Never give up.

Be Well
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
After all these years, only 3 guys response.

Well I know who really cares Frowner

Better be a better turn out in 2 years when I turn 60 or I'm retiring from the forum.

Thanks Chef, Pags and Maineiac.

Happy BDay Smokin', I really thought I'd have a week or two to post the happy Bday, who would have ever thought you would check in early... Mad

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