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I am surprised to see no Forum topics on turkey ths year. We have fallen in enthusiasm my friends! OK, so at least let us know what you did and how it turned out. A long-time denizen of this forum not too long ago advised via PM it was dying (not in those words). Is it true? No one posts for Thanksgiving smoker adventures? An active give and take used to be the norm here. I know there are long-time Forum members and professional comp cooks lurking out there - what is happening to this forum in your opinion? How do we fix it?
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Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Regarding the forum....I think it has more to do with the newbies not asking questions or posting their cooks with the idea of feedback from some of the forum members. Hopefully that will get an influx with new owners caused by Christmas presents.

Not doing a turkey this year, just me and the Mrs.
I'm doing something Smokin Okie said you should never do. Experiment on the Big Day, but it's just a small family get together this year, so they know something new is probably coming. This year is my first time injecting a bird and it's currently spinning away on the Joetisserie. We'll see how it turns out.

As for the forum, I think you're right people don't ask questions, people don't post their cooks as much any more. Maybe us long time members need to step it up and start posting more. I used to login every day to see what's going on, but with the lack of activity here, I'm spending more time on a different forum that is much more active. And no question about Smokin Okie, it seems he used to post just to get some discussions going.
Happy Thanksgiving!

We were invited to dinner at my daughters this year. So I am smoking my Turkey today. Sunday. Overnight Brine and just came on here to research time and temps for the bird.

I still check the forums every couple of days. I remember when the old timers would encourage everyone to use the find feature before asking questions. I always thought that was a downer to the forum. Who cares if the same question gets asked over and over, you never know when some new technique will get offered or you pick up on something that someone else does differently. Anyways, I don't really use any other forums, so I hope this one stays alive. Even if it's not very active. So much good information posted by good people.

Happy Holidays to you all.

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