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How does everyone haul this big guy to contests? Thinking of taking it instead of our Klose or maybe in addition to the mobile. Seems to tall to manhandle in the back of a pickup truck and to heavy. Maybe a ramp and a winch to get it in the truck bed? Also thinking of replacing the little wheels with some larger wider wheels so it doesn't dig into the dirt or grass, any ideas?
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When we hauled loose FE's around, we used a 6' x 12' enclosed cargo trailer. They were strapped to the outside walls directly over the axle with wood blocks to keep the wheels from allowing them to roll around. That left us plenty of room for the balance of our contest equipment and supplies.

I've seen several folks lay their FE's down in the back of a pick-up. Some folks who motor around in RV's, purchase the motorcyle ramp/hauler and roll them up on there, securing them in place that way.
I've been thinking about the same thing. Changing the wheels out should be an easy matter, since they're just bolted on. But getting that baby into a pickup is going to require some ingenuity.

I've thought about strapping a dolly on the back side, rolling it up to the back of my pickup, tipping it back onto the dolly and rolling it into the bed.
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We take our FE to cooks in a 5X8 covered utility trailer. My wife and I load it using a ramp and loading straps. Not a problem even for an old man like me. We did hace CS shorten the legs 3 in. to fit the trailer.
We have also carried it in the back of an Explorer with the seats down.
2 guys should have no problem with loading it in the back of a pickup.
I am having a local welder fabricate a receiver hitch style carrier with a ramp for me. I have seen several teams use this style behind their campers. It will fit a 2" receiver hitch. I am thinking I will have brackets at one end and put tractor style pins through to secure the unit while traveling. If you want, I will let you know how it turns out. It should be done in a couple of weeks..... Toad Hollar

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