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I'm looking for some tongue-searing, hot jerky sweetness ingredients!

My colleagues all dig my run-of-the-mill jerky. But are (rather arrogantly) requesting that the next batch be spicier. Granted I don't wanna permanently damage the slobs' tongues by including turpentine or Stern-O, but I want something with more heat + body than what I've been using of late:
- Tabasco
- wasabi powder
- red pepper flakes

Even a 1 c. of ROOSTER (Sriracha) sauce in a 5-lb batch (for the love of GAWD) doesn't make these carni-tards happy!?!

I need something serious that has heat *and* flavor. I've been considering using an entire tube of Japanese horseradish?

Rawk on Meaty Brethren,.
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Looking at the below chart, I thought "choose your weapon". As you mentioned though, these are friends. The hard part is getting it hot yet something you would still consider flavor (or food, for that matter). I'm not "that" into hot food so I can't help much. I did like the sterno idea though. I'll bet if they're red-blooded Americans they'll belly up to some Police-Grade Pepper Spray jerky. You might even have a corner on a hot market with that one.

Scoville Units
15,000,000 Pure Capsaicin
5,300,000 Police-Grade Pepper Spray
2,000,000 Common Pepper Spray
855,000 Naga Jolokia
580,000 Red Savina™ Habanero
350,000 Habanero Pepper
325,000 Scotch Bonnet Pepper
200,000 Jamaican Hot Pepper
100,000 Thai Pepper
50,000 Cayenne Pepper
30,000 Manzano Pepper
23,000 Serrano Pepper
10,000 Chipotle Pepper
8,000 Jalapeno Pepper
5,000 Tabasco™ Sauce
2,500 Rocotilla Pepper
2,000 Ancho Pepper
2,000 Poblano Pepper
1,000 Coronado Pepper
500 Pepperoncini Pepper
500 Pimento
0 Sweet Bell Pepper
Get any of the ole' Juan stuff, like "Da Bomb" it comes in multiple hotness.

Use it in sauces, other liquids to add it.

It WILL add heat, be VERY, VERY careful with this stuff.

No @##$

I use mask, gloves and goggle when handling it. Don't ask me how I know... Big Grin

There are three,

Beyond Insanity, 119,700 on the scoville

Ground Zero, 234,000

The Final Answer. One Point Four MILLION on the scale.

I recommend these as "ingredients" to make anything else hot. Can say where and how I use them Big Grin

But I use them.


If those aren't hot enough, get this. 7.1 MILLION:

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