I have six small racks of St. Louis spare ribs in my Amerique with the plan to start them at 275 degrees for a couple of hours to carmelize the meat, then take it down to 250 for the rest of the smoke. I have been doing this for seven months with great results.

Today my Amerique will not go over 218 degrees (Indicated) two hours into the smoke so what is going on? Usually it gets up to temp very quickly.

I am not using an extension cord, the ribs are not touching the temperature probe, so what else could be wrong?

Always on a Saturday with Guests on the way!

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Throw another thermometer in there to confirm what is happening. If just a Cookshack therm problem and the oven is heating, you can still smoke the ribs. If a heating problem, you're back to the grill or low cook in the house oven. Either way, you'll need to talk to Cookshack on Monday. Good luck.

I threw in my Polder thermometer that confirmed the indicated temperature, then I looked a little closer at the internal temp probe. Who would have thought that in only seven months of smoking I would have enough "seasoning" to totaly coat the internal temp sensor. A good scubbing later and my Amerique went to 265 in less than an hour so I will chalk this one up to "User Error".

Cookshack makes a great product and I should have known better!
Absolutely not...this one does not belong under "User Error" but "User Calibration".
The plane ran great, the pilot died and you brought it to a smooth landing.
And on top of that, you performed laudable public service in telling us all about it.

Outstanding, give this man a promotion!!!
Damn, I love these forum posters.

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