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Well I got to thinking about things to help my friend who is a new FEC owner that doesnt own a computer (can you believe that) he calls with alot of questions. Thought we could put together a list that would help out new owners with a starting time and temp with meats. Yes I know each meat is different and one piece might take 2-3 hrs longer then one next to it that is the same weight but some general times to help get them going. As always if you want you can drop the temps lower for a few hours then raise them up to finish to get a smokier taste.

meat- smoker temp- time/temp to start checking

Brisket-4-6hrs on 180-then up to 250-start checking at 190-195
BB ribs-
spares-275-start checking at 4 hrs
beef ribs
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After awhile,as your rep spreads,you'll get more calls.

Teaching in person,and on the phone can be enjoyable,but you also leave out things -at 10 PM and they have the cooker warming. Big Grin

You might hard copy some posts that you think are good ,and have on hand.

I find I can take out the couple pages of copy and personalize it in a couple of mins.

Just a thought.
Trust me I have done that I have my BBQ book that I keep with the cooker. I have printed out alot for him just thought it might be a good thread to build to have for other new owners as a goto page of sorts. Would be interesting to see the different temps and times others cook at on the same meats.
Like cal says,if there are 50 steps in some cook's overall technique,borrowing number 13 ,26,and 37 and calling it his recipe can lead to great disappointments.

I don't disagree with your thought at all, for most cooks,as we always recommend reading all the FEC forums-as that is our book.

An example would be, that I have been fortunate to cook with a bunch of fine cooks,and we all use a different temp,and time to build our technique around.

Strangely enough,the other steps tend to bring us pretty close together.

Just a couple thoughts.
I guess yall misunderstand my initial thought. I know most everyone learns to cook by reading/digging through hundreds of posts on here (im anal i read the entire fec forum) because we all know the cookbook is far off with times and temps. We all know you can cook a slab of ribs from 200 to 325 degress and temp determines approximate time, time determines smokeness, determines taste, etc. I thought we could put something down that would get them started in the right direction for the first few cooks thats all. Then they can start learning their own ways to skin that polecat.
Originally posted by DMassey:
...(im anal i read the entire fec forum) because we all know the cookbook is far off with times and temps...

Well, maybe you've found a niche for you, if you've read them, get him started; I'd highly suggest a new thread, one topic at a time. Trying to do it all in one post like this won't get many responses, it's just a generic request, with a whole lot of different answers.

Oh, and make sure you put for FEC, in the title like "how to make ribs on an FEC" while it's in the FE forums, some electric owners may not notice.

It would be easy enough to search the FE forums and capture all that information (say search on "ribs" in "fe forums only") and then drop that information here.

Start a new one, say ribs. I gave my input for ribs above.

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