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This is my first post here and I need help. I just got my Smokette today (It got here earlier than I expected) and I want to smoke a pork butt tomorrow and I havn't had a chance to get any spices for a rub. My question is. How would it be to use either the Chicken rub or the Rib rub that came with the Smokette? Maybe just use a little of one of them. If so which one would you suggest?
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Add about 4 oz light brown sugar to 4 oz chicken rub.

Coat butt with all it will hold.

Put a temp probe in the thickest part,cook at 235º and don't open the door, until it hits 195º internal.

Wrap in heavy foil and a towel,and cooler a couple hours.

When you pull it,add a little of your rub mix,to taste.

A couple squirts of Smokin' Okie's Carolina Vinegar Sauce mixed in will brighten it up a mite.

This should get you pretty close for a first run.

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