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I just had a coworker ask me today if I could prepare a couple of fatties for her to serve at Christmas breakfast.

Has anyone had any experience at freezing, thawing amd reheating?

I'm thinking of preparing them ahead of time, vacuum seal, freeze, and let my coworker thaw and reheat.

Oven? Microwave?

Any hints would be appreciated. Otherwise, I'm going to take Smokin's advice and experiment.

Thanks to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS (I can't say happy holidays) Jesus is the reason for the season!
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Originally posted by Pags:
I've frozen in vacuum seal and reheated in water on a simmer and in the oven set at 210*. I recommend reheating in the oven. I always thaw the meat before reheating.

If the vacuum seal gives at all, the meat gets soaked in the water. If the seal gives in the oven, your product will still come out just fine.

Thanks Pags,

Reheating in the oven is what I had in mind-didn't think of boiling.
How long do you reheat or to what IT?
Do you put Vacuum bag and all in the oven- I've never tried that, sounds like it would be super convenient.
Originally posted by Pags:
Yep. Put the whole vacuum bag and all in the oven. Since it's already cooked, just get it warm. Internal 135* or so.

Thanks Pags, I'm going to have to do one this weekend just for R+D purposes, ya know.
From a thawed state (and that covers a lot of territory) about how long would you expect
reheating time to be. Don't worry about sea level and all that, that's what experimenting is for.

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