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Hello all!

I'm new here and mostly new to the smoking business. I started off with a little chef and fell in love. I sorta gave the little chef a rough time and it quit on me so I've been doing some research to get a new smoker and ran upon this site. I just got a Bass pro shop turkey gold smoker by masterbuilt for christmas from my wife. She said she didn't really know what she was buying and told me that if I wanted to take it back and get a better one I could. So now after the page long introduction...we're finally at the question.

Anyone got experience with the turkey gold? Or what other smoker would you suggest?
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Welcome to the fourm, I am sure someone will come along with some input on your particular smoker. Myself, I use a Cookshack model 55 which exceeds all of my expectations with consistant results. I have used this unit even in subzero temps with good results. Do you have a specific item in mind for smoking or is your interest of a general nature? Roger
Most of the replies will suggest that buy a cookshack.

I too was interested in the masterbuilt smoker from Bass Pro. Then I came across this forum. Thank goodness I did. The Cookshacks certainly cost more, but ask yourself why. If/when we have issues with our smokers, it can be resolved by a phone call to the factory in Ponca City, OK. You really need to compare the build quality and insulation between the two. My CS weighs in at nearly 140 lbs. The Masterbuilts are more on par with minifridge construction. The mastebuilt requires the use of a water pan. Our Cookshacks are so well sealed that moisture loss is not an issue. These are just a few random thoughts on the differences. I am sure that others will chime in with more reasons for going with Cookshack.
Well, the construction is definitely a concern. I just don't know enough about smoking to know what to look for. I'm interested in smoking anything and everything I possibly can. I love to hunt, so smoking meat from kills, to fish, to whatever.
During some of my searching I found the CS Smokette on the Cabellas website for $399 which seemed to be a very good price. Anyone have experience with them? Another concern with the smokette is the does the size compare with the masterbuilt?

Thanks and thanks in advance to anyone else who can give me some insight.
FF...first, let's give the wifey props for getting the 'concept' right. You're going to become a fully addicted smoker, and soon I believe! "Most" here will be 'politically correct' and suggest that you shop and determine exactly what your uses will be for a smoker, etc. etc. Don't....Just buy a Cookshack...any cookshack. You will never regret that decision, whether it's used for an occasional brown trout, or daily for a full shoulder of'll love it.

Need more info? Check into the website of an independent distributer of Cookshack products and review some of his comparisons. At:

Buy wherever you wish, whatever you wish, but you are going to want it to be a Cookshack.

End of sermon...stepping down from soapbox...
The Smokette looks tiny in comparrison to the masterbuilt or CS 050. I have convinced several friends to buy the Smokette 008. These smokers can easily handle enough pork butts or brisket to feed a gathering of 20 or more folks. They are also able to smoke whole turkeys. I am sure that there are pictures of deer and fish inside a Smokette somewhere on this forum. I chose the larger 055 unit and I have yet to max out the capacity. The most I've tossed in at once is 1-13 lb. packer cut and 2 butts. All I can ask is that you experience a Cookshack first-hand before you settle for the Masterbuilt. Ask the factory if they will be at a food service trade show or state/county fair in your area soon. Once I tried the brisket from a CS Amerique, I was sold on the CS name.
Well...yall have sold me on CS. I definitely can't afford the 050...I'm just an underpaid firefighter. I hope I won't regret not waiting and saving for the larger model later.

Now my only question is where to get meat....which cuts...and what should I try first??? I'm excited and can't wait to eat! I've also been researching to purchase a good wireless thermo...any additional info on those? and anything else that I may need to get started as soon as my CS arrives?

I don't post a lot on the forum, mostly a lurker and enjoy the smoking discussions and help. I've had a number of smokers over the past 20 years. I finally decided to investigate the Cookshack after a friend told me about his. After researching all of the options, I was sold on the CookShack 50. Have now had it about one year and I couldn't be happier. It puts out the best BBQ with the least amount of work. Combine the CShack with a meat thermometer with a remote transmitter and receiver (Bed, Bath and Beyond carried the model I bought) and you've got great Q with the least effort. Just don't tell your friends or family how easy it really is with a CookShack.

Buy a Cookshack. If you think you'll ever cook for bigger crowds go with the 50/55, if not, go with the Smokette.

You won't regret buying the Cookshack!

P.S. - No I am not an employee of Cookshack. Just a very satisfied customer. I bought mine through a local dealer in Bentonville, AR, the Patio. Excellent service, brought it out and set it up on my back deck!

As for meat, I buy all of mine at Sam's Club. Great source for pork butt, baby back and spare ribs, briskets, and occassionally a prime rib. Never been disappointed with the quality and the cost is always less.
FF, don't make yourself too crazy. "If" you buy the Smokette, 'cause that's what you can afford right now, and "if" you find you need more capacity, "then" buy an additional smokette. They are 'roughly' half the price of the 50/55, right? So...

PLENTY of info on meats. Do some searching of the forum. If you really just want your boots knocked off, start with a pork butt (that's a section of the pig's shoulder), season it up with a rub of your choice (read the 101's), and get 'er in there.

You'll be so knocked out by your 'accomplishment' that you're going to be smoking everything you see! (certainly for the first several smokes, try to use meats that are inherently fatty, with connective tissue...pork butt, pork shoulder, beef chuck roasts, sausage, etc....they are the most forgiving)

Congrat's and have fun!!
Originally posted by FFMedic82:
...I'm just an underpaid firefighter. I hope I won't regret not waiting and saving for the larger model later. TIA Eric

FYI, the FE Pellet Burners were created and designed by a FireFighter. Fast Eddy. He's out of the KC FD.

Oh Eric, you don't EVEN know how addictive this will get. The masterbuilt is like a lot of other entry models. It's "okay" but the construction leaves a lot to be desired, but what do you expect for that price. It can work, but it won't be hands off.

Most people never buy just one smoker. Get the one now that fits your budget and expect amount you'll want to cook. Do the research like you're doing. Ask whatever questions you want. There are a lot of owners that will jump in and give you their thoughts.

The forum has been around for years and helped a lot of people through the discussion. We can talk all kinds of smokers so ask away...
and anything else that I may need to get started as soon as my CS arrives?

Treadmill lol.
Have had my 08 for nearly 4 years and no regrets, she holds a good amount of meat. Have smoked every thing from butts to nuts, mixed nuts that is. Had a issue with the thermastat in the early days and Stuart P. called me personaly while driving down the highway to resolve the problem, talk about customer service!

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