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Friday: I get my pig from my farmer. He didn't listen to me. He split the pig in two, down the back. I was going to complain but he tells me his son died earlier in the week. OK, a split pig is no big deal.

I take him home and get him all nice and marinated in a garlic mojo paste, surround him with ice, put a blanket over him, and that is it for Friday.

Saturday: I build the pit according to the site.

I have the coals all burning and I bring Mr. Piggy over to get him cooking.

Well, even though I built my "rack" EXACTLY like the "version "b", on the site, my piggy doesn't want to cooperate. He's just a little too big, or a little too small, depending on how you look at it.

Over to Home Depot to get some rebar to add extra cross pieces for a cross hatch design. I had wellded the originals, these I has to attach with hose clamps. No big deal, but it did slow me by about 45 minutes. I get him cooking and start cutting my grass, when all of the sudden my back knots up. Not a little knot. I mean a knot that made it so I could barely breathe. Pain every time take a breath.

Now I know my SIL is coming real soon and she is a massage therapist so I figure everything will be alright. Wrong. I get a call that she is running 2 hours late.

So, I'm in bed, unable to move, and I get my brother in law to keep tending to the pig.

The party starts and there are about 60 people there. I hear everybody raving about the pig. People come up to my berdoom to tell me how good it is.

Finally my sister in law shows up and works her magic. Fifteen minutes after she starts, I am up and walking.

I get downstairs and the pig is almost entirely gone. I'm telling you people were RAVING about this pig. They asked me tons of questions.

All in all, it was a great pig roast. Just wish I could have been there!

I was only able to get a few pictures but I'll get a few off to Smokin' as soon as I get a chance.

Everybody should do this once. But know that it is a lot of work, at least the first time, and a lot of "fear". But you can do it and do it well. I did... sort of! Smiler
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So with your injury I suppose the running around naked part wasn't possible?

The number one lesson you should learn is that when roasting a pig you should never cut the grass.

I am looking forward to your pics and any further comments you may have. Glad everything was a success!
I sent smokin the pics today. I'm sure they will be up soon.

Yes I did get plenty to eat and drink! And as far as the grass goes, well it was the back yard, 2 hours before the party. And it REALLY needed it.

But yes, overall it was a smashing success and I was asked if I would could cook pigs for several people next summer. The season is pretty much over here in Philly.

Really, I want to stress that ANYBODY can do this if they are willing to do the work and be patient. Plus my mother even loved the pork and she never likes my food ( even when everybody else does ).

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