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I don't believe so. The Hi Mountain will give you the cure and seasoning. The smoker and dehydrator will finish the product. If you have a dehydrator, I'd certainly give it a try.

Or you could just use your own recipe with Tenderquick. Here's one I've used with great success. Smoker or dehydrator makes no difference.

Next batch, I'm going to mix Tenderquick with primarily Garlic (make a dry cure/seasoning) and smoke finish the jerky. See how a garlic jerky with a pecan smoke turns out.
I’m just finishing up my 1st small batch of Hi-Mountain “Original” flank in the dehydrator.
Meat looks great and had a nice texture, but the flavor is not as big as I expected, almost tastes a little hammy. Maybe I was a little over cautious with the season/cure mix and only waiting 24 hours to marinate before drying. I definitely see where a smoker would be a better way to do this. Maybe I will try more seasoning and less cure on the next batch.
Any way. It a lot of fun and I am getting better with the help of this forum. Glad I found you guy’s.
tmfast - I have been only using hi-mtn so far, I have done apx. 8 batches of jerky apx. 5lbs a batch in my 025 so far in the last 5 weeks or so. So, I am no expert, but this is what I have found.

You need to follow the directions on the hi-mtn pkg exactly as far as the CURE is concerned.

Curing 24 hours per 1/4 inch is perfect and a couple of hours more wont hurt, but NOT LESS.

If you leave it for a lot more like 30 to 48 hours thats when the seasonings seem to lose flavor (that happened to me and another on the forum).

You can add other seasonings to the cure ratio if you'd like. I added about a tablespoon of granulated garlic to the original mix and it was great.

Have you tried london broil? Meat cuts around here in Northern New Jersey are expensive, so I go with the london broil and it always worked out great. The flank can cost me upward of $9lb compared to the $5 for the london. Eye round for me would be a little cheaper, but then there would be more trimming, so I compromise.

I am gonna try Pags recipe soon, it sounds great. Just gotta get some tenderquick.

Have fun experimenting, if you are unsure about something new, just cut the batches in half. I am sure they will at least be edible!!! My family even loves my mistakes! Vicki
Thank you for your fast replies Cal & Vicky, maybe I should invest in a real set of measuring spoons. I was using my basic flatware spoons for this batch. I sprinkle both sides, mixed it all up by hand in a bowl. Then I vacuum packed the mix for 24 hours in the fridge. Then laid em out on a rack to dry for about 45 minutes to re-form and pat em down before putting them in the dehydrator cranked up all the way to 160 for 4-6 hours. They did come out finished.
Maybe next time I will go lighter on the cure, and use more seasoning. My jerky doesn’t last more than a couple of days at work anyway.
Before I packed this batch up, I wrapped em in some paper towels for an hour, and today They we not as hammy, but still bland.
hey guys I'm looking for a little help before I purchase a dehydrator. I've ever dried food before or done jerky or anything but I want to get into it. I've been looking around for dehydrators and I'm leaning towards the nesco american harvest FD-37 that I found on this site best dehydrators and i'm curious what you guys think of nesco dehydrators or if you have suggestions of other brands I should consider? Any help would be great before I make a purchase, thanks guys.
I'm using an excalibur 9 tray non-timer. Didn't see the need for a timer because of dehydrating fruits or vegetables I wouldn't want them to sit for hours after it is done. Items will pick up moisture from it surroundings when cooling off. (and I'm cheap, did not want to pay for something I did not need)
Suggest not to go less then 9 trays. You do not have to have them all in the dehydrator but more often then not you fill up 7 to 9 trays without a problem.
What they offer now which they didn't have 3 years ago is stainless steel trays.
Almost temped me to purchase a new one. I might still go and just buy some trays to replace the plastic ones. So if you decide to buy make sure to get the stainless steel trays.
Do not pay full price. They have plenty of sales offers.

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