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I have inherited a 055 and have successfuly smoked chicken, pork ribs and ribeye roasts at almost 9000 ft above sea level. On long smokes however ie. Brisket, seems to be drying out. 10 lb. brisket at 200f 19 hrs to get to 195f, overall pretty good but a tad dry. Since water boils at 195f should I drop the cooking temp and cook longer maybe foil at 170. Any help out there would be appreciated.

Expat Texan
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Is the oven actually at 200*F, or you just know it is set at 200*F ? You need to know.

I would stick with 200*-225*F, but I would also check the oven with a temp probe dangled in and see where it gets when set at those places on the dial.

If you are talking about a 10 pound brisket flat, they do have a tendency to dry, and foil could be your friend. Try a big fatty packer.

Smokin thanks for the advise. Sorry it took so long to get back, i been travlin.
I'll be smokin a packer cut briskett (not flats) though the ones I can find here are only about 4.5 to 7 Kilos. I'm going to use 2 oz of Hickory and cook it at 250 (oven heat is right on)and cook it up to 195.

I tried smokin some pork collars this past weekend about 3.5 lbs each well marbled cooked them at 250 for 4 hrs and they turned out great (good for slicing). Wrapped one and left it in a couple more hours and it just fell apart when I took it out. I would send some pictures but the kids ate it all before I could take the pictures. Thanks for the help and as always, this forum is great.

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