Purchased a mobility scooter carrier with ramp off of ebay for $197.00 including shipping. It was rated at 800 pounds but I discounted it to 500 pounds. Have mounted the FEPG500 on it with a few modification to the grill. I installed “D” rings on all four legs and then used turnbuckles to secure the grill to the carrier. Being somewhat anal retentive, I also used two straps. Drove it around today and was happy with the results. I suspect that the FEC100 will also be ok on this carrier but that will be for another day.
The following pictures show the grill and carrier in various views. Questions?

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Not going to be able to make it back to the Sam's contest this summer down there,wish we were, but they are having it too early. Good cooking to you and maybe we will see in at St Charles,Mo. Sonja and I are going to judge that. Might come over the night before and visit with some of the cooks.
Mack, that looks great. Thanks for posting.

Interested in your chicken practice. I think with the right recipe and methods it would be an awesome chicken machine. Teams would buy it JUST for that.

Let us know how you do in IBCA.

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