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For those who read about my BBQ for the sub crew my plan was to cook all the butts and beans at the house and put them in cambros (yes I still have that many left).

It is about a four hour drive to Kings Bay and say an hour to get thru security and set up.

So holding time about 5 hours.Plus a few hours there for the party itself. Will the Cambros hold the temp that long? I will be leaving them whole and wrapped in foil packed close to each other and pulling them onsite.

BTW if anyone from Cookshack has any rub and bbq sauce to donate, I sure won't be bashfull about using it. Smiler
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Originally posted by RandyE:

When I have had alot to do. I have left them wrapped up, then placed in a plastic bag in a large cooler. The cambros work well, but the cooler seems to hold temp longer.


I agree. I typically think of a Cambro as being good for about 2 hours. My 5-7 day coolers will hold far longer, like 8-12 hours. In any case, if you get the food hot into either, and serve upon arrival, you shouldn't have any problems.
Originally posted by bubbasz1:
What is a Cambro, I looked it up on the internet and they just make lots of different container?? Must be a special container they make.

See Smokin's post for picture, but the Cambro shown can be ordered in two configurations: pan/sheet carrier(actually shown) and hotel pan carrier. They are sort of interchangeable, but getting the right model will max out your carrying capacity.
Originally posted by SlimJim:
Which model is best for max capacity? I'm guessing the topload.

Depends on $$$ and need. There are several different models like Todd mentioned, so you just have to fit your needs (hotel pans, 1/2 pans, etc). Carlisle makes a cheaper model than Cambro.

Yes the ice chest will work for home use UNLESS you're dealing with a mess or liquids and the idea of a front loading device works better. When I'm using full pans, etc they don't always stack inside an ice chest. I have two of these and use them all the time.
Just to tag on: if you are going to hold quanities of loose meats,steaks,briskets,butts,etc, without regard to what order thay are pulled out ,big coolers are dandy.

We have been caught at cookoffs and had to hold packers,with butts,up to nine hrs in a cambro/carlisle and they were still too hot to handle.They were foiled and on sheet pans.
You might look on line. I have purchased 2 used Cambros on line. They were around $99. All of the seals, hinges and latches can be replaced. The 2 I purchased were in very good condition. We use 3 cambros at comps. The latest one is a double on wheels. The 3rd stacks on top, making it really convenient.

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