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Hey QC.

You'll see I "helped" your photos a little, hope you don't mind.

Instead of using the UBB button for URL, I used the UBB button for "Image" that way it places the photo inside your posts for all to drool over.

Great looking ribs. Fine job you've done there, makes an Okie proud!

Originally posted by Q-Cracker:
Just finished smoking some ribs on my smokette. Used some CS Rib Hooks. These work great. Got the Ribs at BJ's. Used one of Smokin's dry rubs overnight in the fridge. Smoke for 3 hours at 210 degrees. Hope the picture comes up. These were good!!

These pics are GREAT! Just a quick question, though. Do you always only smoke the ribs 3 hours? I have kind of used the forum as a guideline, and smoke mine for 4 hours, at 225. But I am certainly no expert. Always eager to learn. Were these fall-off-the-bone tender? They look OUTSTANDING. Do you put mustard on them first?
I'm with you PJ. As good as those ribs look, the meat hasn't pulled away from the bone as they would if you cooked them longer. I go for 4-5 hours at 225 for baby backs and they come out fallin' off the bone tender. Some consider that overcooked, but I prefer 'em that way so that's how I cook 'em. Experiment and enjoy the results!
[tender. Some consider that overcooked, but I prefer 'em that way so that's how I cook 'em. Experiment and enjoy the results

I think this bunch would prefer them cooked longer. Going to cook a batch of them tomorrow. got brisket and pulled pork already fixed. ribs should come off about the time the game is over.
I do like those rib hooks though, and might have to invest in some.
"overcooked" is a term used in BBQ Competition that means the same as falling on the bone.

If you cooked them in a competition that way, you'd be down graded.

Most contestants try to "tug of the bone". The meat should pull off easily. And these are also easier to cut and get the good looking single rib.

One thing about fall off the bone, it's hard to cut, but they are easy to eat.
You guys got it right, find out which way you like it and smoke 'em that way -- that's the rule, make yourself and your friends happy.

I don't think you can cook ribs enough to get them to fall off the hooks...

Lat night, I used very small homemade hooks on some baby backs. I took the membrane off. I put them in at 7:30pm last night. The CS was set at 225F. I took the ribs out at 5:30 this morning. (I intended to take them out earlier but they never looked done. I think I just didn't look close enough due to the dark and sleep deprevation...)

The ribs were very done. But, none fell off the hooks...

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