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Alright, I�m gonna tell a Cookshack story, so let me take a few lines to set this up.

As some of you may know, I�m in the Air Force stationed (and live) at Little Rock AFB. Anyway, I was shopping at the Base Commissary on found a 4.5lb pork-loin roast in the marked-down (quick-sale) freezer. I bought it and threw it into my freezer at home. A few weeks go by, and I decide to thaw the roast out to smoke in the CS. I throw this into the fridge 3 days ago. Last night I mixed up some of my homemade rub. I got it all well blended and set-aside. Right at that minute, the kitchen light goes out. I rummage around and cannot find another bulb. It�s not too dark if I turn on the TV in the dinning room, so I continue about my business.

Along with the pork-loin, I was smoking a whole fryer, which I thawed out in the fridge as well. Well, for some unknown reason (probably physics or some other of the bewitched sciences), the goo-bag (the innards inside the chicken cavity) was still semi-frozen and could not be removed easily. Remember that I�m in the dark here. I decide to prop the chicken in the sink under some running tap water. While this is going on, I decide to un-wrap the pork-loin and rub it down. Since I was working with poultry, I decided to put on some rubber gloves, something I almost never do. The pork-loin has two plastic layers, which makes sense as it was from the quick-sale freezer. I normally use saran wrap, but was out of it, so I just sprinkled some rub all over the loin and threw it into a zip-lock baggie and into the fridge. I then turned my attention to the fryer.

This morning around 10:00am, I throw the loin and the fryer onto a rack and into the CS. Set it at 225 and the timer for 4 hours. 4 hours go by and I grab the fryer and re-set the timer for another 2 hours. Fryer is double wrapped in aluminum on the counter. I snap a wing off after 45 mins of counter time to see if it is any good. Great!

The timer goes off for a 2nd time, so I grab the cookie sheet and make my way to the CS. I look at the Loin for the first time and see this invisible layer of fat in the loin (looks like and air bubble), I tap the bubble to pop it. No pop. I flip the loin over and see the stretched ends of saran wrap. I start to laugh my A@@ off! I realized that I have spent the last 6 hours steaming an unseasoned pork-loin.

In conclusion, I would like to answer my original question��.It takes about 6 hours to steam a pork-loin in the CS.

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Nice story nicely told. Would make a good commercial for the saran wrap people... like those two pathetic housewives who do the reynolds wrap commercials ("Wrap the fish in the reynolds wrap and cook on the grill..." How's it gonna smoke in reynolds wrap??? Roll Eyes )

Lesson learned: Have a flashlight handy Big Grin

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